Grammy U Provides Networking Opportunities for Online and Campus Students

The name of the game in professional development is networking.

“One of the best things that students can do is to become involved in as many organizations that are related to their discipline as possible, “ says Dr. Robert Raines, the Program Director for Full Sail’s Music Production Bachelor of Science Online Degree Program.

For example, the GRAMMY® University Network (GRAMMY® U) has proven beneficial for students in the Entertainment Business degree programs. And with the new Music Production online degree program having just launched, Program Director Dr. Raines recognizes the tremendous potential GRAMMY® U could have in store for his students.

GRAMMY® U is made up of 12 regional chapters throughout the country, and membership is open to full-time college students in all majors. Their mission is to serve as “a conduit for other members to meet, network and address the concerns of the recording industry both nationally and locally.” It complements academic curriculum by hosting a variety of events where musicians, producers, songwriters, and engineers share insights and experiences with members.

“Any organization like GRAMMY U® that students can belong to looks great on their resume. It shows you’re serious and focused about what you’re doing. But it also offers enormous possibilities for networking and meeting people that you never thought you would meet,” says Dr. Raines.

Certain Full Sail degree programs and GRAMMY U® provide a valuable, creative combination, because they both strive for the “out-of-classroom” experiences. You can never underestimate the power of getting out there and effectively networking. Word of mouth about you and your brand can spread faster than anything.

“When you meet one person, you then meet five. And the next thing you know, you have a network of 125 people,” says Dr. Raines.