Grads – Who Are Also Sisters – Strive to Create Positive Change

Sisters Kyla Glucky and Meredith Barber have always shared similar passions. Both graduates of the Digital Arts & Design bachelor’s and Media Design master’s programs, the two now work together for an advocacy marketing agency called Sherry Matthews. Unlike traditional marketing companies, Sherry Matthews focuses on nonprofits and provides helpful information to underprivileged groups as they focus on creating positive change.

After working for a more traditional advertising agency, Meredith says she had to adjust her approach to new projects with her current role as Interactive Developer.

With advocacy marketing, we aren’t selling something so we have to be very careful about the phrasing we use, especially with the website,” Meredith said. “There are strict accessibility issues that we have to address. We have to consider the people who have any disabilities, whether it be low vision, low hearing, or anything like that. We have to make sure all of our websites and all of our print media passes these extreme standards.”

As a Production Artist, Kyla works on all of the print production and focuses on broadcasting and new business. While this is her first time working for an advocacy company as a full time job, Kyla has worked with nonprofits in the past, including pet shelters and The Humane Society. For her, it has been a very rewarding experience so far.

“Really it’s the work [Sherry Matthews] does,” Kyla says. “It’s great work for a great cause. The days when it gets too busy, it helps to know that you are doing something good.”

When it comes to working for the same company, both sisters are enthusiastic about sharing the experience. “We’ve lived together, we’ve done everything together, and now we work together,” Kyla laughs.