Grad’s track featured on Armin Van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance 2012’ compilation

Recording Arts grad Hector Morales, a.k.a ReFeel, recently grabbed some attention for his collaboration with UK trance artist Mike Foyle. The ReFeel/Foyle song, “Universal Language,” was released on to the Armada Music label, and was chosen by Armin Van Buuren for his double compilation album, A State of Trance 2012, which was just released.

“Mike Foyle is an established producer in the electronic dance music scene,” said Morales. “I’ve always been in touch with producers and I’ve always liked his style of production. I showed him my work, and he liked my style too, and everything started from there.”

The two producers worked on “Universal Language” through Skype, email, and cloud servers since Morales was based in Orlando and Foyle was in the UK.

“I was mainly in charge of the beat, ambient effects, and transitional effects for the song. But I was involved in every step of the production of the song,” said Morales. “I feel really blessed that my work is included in one of the most important compilations of the year. I never thought my first real production would go that far!”



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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Hector Morales!

  2. That’s an awesome accomplishment. Congrats to Hector Morales! Wish you much success in you career!

  3. Sick tune bro…gl on your future endeavors!

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