Grads Present Their Final Project Game at 2013 E3 Expo

The 2013 E3 Expo kicked off this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, in what’s poised as one of the most anticipated gaming events of recent years – with Microsoft and Sony offering details of their upcoming home console releases, as well as key software updates from Nintendo and a slew of third-party publishers.

In addition to the major industry announcements, the conference is also making room for up and coming artists with the IndieCade showcase. Located on the convention floor, this event offers a sampling of innovative titles created by independent developers across the country, and we’re proud to see a group of eight Full Sail graduates among those presenting their work.

C3 is an innovative third person puzzle game, which was a collaboration by students from our Game Design and Recording Arts programs, and presented as their final project. These alumni collaborated under the team name Phoenix Productions, and include:

  • Mitchell Davis (Recording Arts)
  • Robert Hensley (Game Design)
  • Matt Murray (Music Production)
  • Alex Rowland (Game Design)
  • Aaron Warren (Game Design)
  • Paul Winegardner (Game Design)
  • Jeffrey Verba (Game Design)
  • Donald Young (Game Design)

Speaking of their involvement at IndieCade, grad Jeffrey Verba explained, “We are excited that we managed to get into E3 to show off our game. Ultimately our goal is to either find a studio willing to hire us all on to finish C3 or to secure funding from investors to help get it finished and published ourselves.”

Just being able to attend an E3 conference is a dream for many gaming hopefuls, let alone having your work on display. As this year’s conference continues throughout this week, we’d like to congratulate the Phoenix Productions group on the attention their game has received, and wish them luck as they continue to present C3 to a wider audience.

“To achieve this kind of a goal this early into their young and bright careers is nothing short of outstanding,” says Department Chair Ricardo Aguilo. “Team Phoenix was willing to try new things – in short, they were unafraid of hard work. We’re talking about a highly productive group of individuals.”



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    Well done team. You all did an amazing job.

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