Grad’s Music Production Company: From Class Project to Real World Business

Grad’s Music Production Company: From Class Project to Real World Business

Pictured Above: Geoffrey Deitch (right) with producer/artist G1fted Music.

Geoffrey Deitch didn’t have to wait to get out of college before he had a solid idea about his career path. A graduate of three different degree programs (Entertainment Business master’s, Music Business, and Recording Arts), the Philadelphia native knew that music would be the overarching theme of his life post-Full Sail.

Thorobred Bangerz started as a Business Portfolio project in one of his Entertainment Business master’s classes before Geoffrey officially launched the company in 2013. Today he acts as Thorobred’s CEO, along with juggling the roles of producer, engineer, and artist. In addition, he’s earned mixing credits for dozens of artists, including Beanie Sigel, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West. As an avid hip hop fan, working with some of his favorite artists has often been a surreal experience.

“I assisted with a session that featured Beanie Sigel and Wiz Khalifa in 2012,” Geoffrey says. “I had just gone to [Wiz’s] Under The Influence tour about ten days prior. To go from a concert atmosphere with thousands of people to getting a chance to work with him was definitely an awesome opportunity. I grew up listening to Beanie Sigel, and I remember there was a moment in the session where I was running the boards and he was telling me to press record. I felt honored to be engineering him.”

Thorobred Bangerz has booked sessions primarily out of Philadelphia’s ER Studios – a far cry from Geoffrey’s humble beginnings of operating out of a basement. “After a while, it became apparent that I needed a place to record outside of my home,” says Geoffrey. “The open room in ER Studios was more of an office space. It took my business partner and I around three months to renovate the room into a proper studio. We knocked down walls, repainted the whole room, and built a vocal booth.”

While Geoffrey’s schedule contains equal amounts of time dedicated to both production and songwriting for his own catalog (including some licensing work for film), he’s quick to point out that the role of the mix engineer is one that is not just crucial to his own livelihood, but to the music industry as a whole.

“As a mix engineer, I can say that we help the artist bring their vision to life and take their music to the next level,” he says. “Production and talent will take an artist far, but a mix engineer takes both of those components and maximizes their potential.”

In the future, Geoffrey is planning on continuing to build his brand as a producer/artist (he has a mixtape called Thorobred Bangerz: Fresh Out The Vault coming soon) as well as venturing into the realm of licensing music for video games.

“Full Sail definitely prepared me by giving me the mindset I needed to pursue this business,” he says. “I just feel blessed to be in the position I am in. I have dedicated over half my life to music. I get to see first-hand and partake in what I always dreamed about.”



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  1. Power insight. This is how I am trying to build, but I need people that want to play as such and really give all their effort. I have a business plan but, I need people to pull with me.

    1. Avatar Bret Michael Sears says:

      what’s your plan?

      1. I want to establish a recording studio where I am located now and I have a great location in the works but, I cannot get enough support to rollout the operations I have a full home studio that I have outgrown and also clients as well as major industry connects ready to build but, my financing plan fell through. I have to plan another route with this still in mind and revisit it once I get the momentum I need.
        email me.

  2. Avatar chris says:

    Hmmm routes…

  3. Avatar chris says:

    Momentum….key to continuance

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