Grad Megan Shaw Puts Her New Media Journalism Skills to Work

Grad Megan Shaw Puts Her New Media Journalism Skills to Work

In 2010, Megan Shaw and her husband Tom packed up their things and moved from Maine to Florida, prompted by Tom’s desire to study Game Design.

“We planned our wedding around when he wanted to start at Full Sail,” says Megan. “We were married in October, went on our honeymoon, and then moved to Florida three weeks later.”

At the time, Megan wasn’t considering going back to school, but fast forward to today, and the couple both have their master’s degrees and are applying the skills they learned at Full Sail to build successful careers for themselves back up north.

“I saw the degree curriculum, the atmosphere at Full Sail, and Career Development support—and that’s what convinced me to go to grad school too,” says Megan. She signed up for the New Media Journalism master’s program, which was being offered for the very first time.

Part of the New Media Journalism curriculum involved launching a blog and maintaining it throughout the course of the 12-month online program. Megan’s blog – M is for Megan and Murder – was inspired by her undergraduate background in criminal justice.

“I had a very specific desire to pursue public relations for a law enforcement agency, so it was easy to pick a focus and curate the blog with that audience in mind,” says Megan. M is for Megan and Murder covered issues of crime and public safety. Her blog posts incorporated the film, video editing, photography, and graphics skills she was learning in class.

For her final project, a comprehensive media and communications campaign, Megan decided to examine student safety concerns. She wrote, filmed, and edited a public service announcement about sexual assault, and created corresponding bumper stickers and cards with emergency phone numbers for student to keep in their wallets.

“It was my favorite project because it had so many different elements to it,” says Megan.

After they both graduated (Tom in 2011, Megan in 2012) the couple moved back to New England, where Tom had landed an entry level gig in the gaming industry. (He’s now an associate producer at Turbine, Inc., where he’s working on the game Infinite Crisis.) Not too long after, Megan took a job as Social/Digital Media Coordinator at Milford Regional Medical Center in Massachusetts, which she says perfectly compliments her education.

Megan’s responsibilities include creating and coordinating content for the Medical Center’s blog, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. She also films interviews and videos for other hospital departments, including the Human Resources department to assist with recruitment.

“I’m also in the middle of putting together a campaign for preventative flu measures and getting ready to create another one for Mental Health Awareness Month,” says Megan. “All of the skills I learned from my degree are what I’m using now in my job.”