Grad Kristen Parody Speaks Social Media

Recently, Full Sail welcomed 2011 Entertainment Business master’s grad Kristen Parody for a Full Sail On Air lecture about managing sponsored social media campaigns. After graduation, Parody was hired by Izea through a temp agency. Izea eventually hired Parody as a full-time senior account manager where she helps outsource work to content creators for companies.  Her work has included building social media campaigns for corporate clients such as Hewlett Packard, General Mills, BIC, and Marriott International.

During her lecture, Kristen told students that companies are looking for millennials who are creative and familiar with various social media platforms but have profiles that are work appropriate. Students asked Kristen how she is able to manage different accounts and make sure that each campaign adheres to the brand’s identity.

“My job entails finding out what a client’s goals are and what we can or cannot say,” said Kristen. “We speak to the brand’s talking points, but the creators spend a lot of time learning the brand’s voice.”



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