Grad Jeff Wuerth on Tour this Summer with Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has spent a good part of this year on the road promoting their most recent album, Overexposed, which debuted at number two on the Billboard charts. Following a string of dates this spring, the band is getting ready to set out again for their summer Honda Civic Tour with Kelly Clarson.

These dates will stretch from early August to late October, and among the crew supporting them is Recording Arts (2006) and Show Production (2007) graduate Jeff Wuerth. Jeff is the band’s monitor technician, and recently checked in from the road, saying “This is one of the most fun tours I have been on.”

Jeff (pictured on the right) also passed along this photo from one of their previous 2013 dates, when Erik Noteboom (Full Sail’s Education Vice President, Operations & Digital Arts) dropped backstage to visit.


Jeff has also posted this impressive time lapse video from the road, which shows how much work the crew puts into transforming an empty arena into a complete concert experience for fans.

For more information on tour dates and tickets, you can check Maroon 5’s website.



4 thoughts on “Grad Jeff Wuerth on Tour this Summer with Maroon 5

  1. Avatar Junghun Jang says:

    Wow, how does he have RA and SP degrees? does anyone know? I’m going to take SP soon. I’m really looking forward to it!! lol

    1. Avatar Daniella Medina says:

      Yes he is amazing!!!! This is not my major but I think you will be a really successful student.

  2. Avatar Tarit Panitpichetvong says:

    Wow, He have Recording and show production degrees!!. I’m going to take Show Production soon. Maybe after I graduate, I’m going to take Recording Art.

    1. Avatar RanHee Park says:

      It’s a great! I hope that your dream come true:)

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