Grad Dave Clauss Nominated at 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

It’s a big week for music as the 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards are being held this Thursday in Las Vegas. The roster of nominees include global heavyweights like Pitbull and Marc Anthony among other regional superstars, and we’re proud to see that a number of Full Sail Recording Arts graduates have credits on nominated projects, including 2006 alum Dave Clauss who is in contention for his own Grammy statue.

Dave has been a fixture in the Latin music world as both an engineer and producer, and will be up for an award for the Draco Rosa album Vida. The disc is nominated for Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album, with the hit single “Mas y Mas” in the running for Record of the Year.

“It’s funny because we actually did it three years ago but then it wasn’t released until this year, so it was a massive surprise being nominated for it,” Dave says. “Draco Rosa is a classical Spanish singer and it’s a cool album. He’s very traditional and sings standards with a bunch of other artists like Ricky Martin. It’s a forward-thinking album.”

This marks the second year Dave has been nominated for a Latin Grammy, having previously been up for a statue for his contributions to the Shakira album Sale el Sol in 2011. Although his credits feature such national stars as Justin Bieber, U2, Paul Simon, and LL Cool J, he has built strong ties to Latin artists thanks to the global reach of their music, and the sheer number of ears hearing his work.

“The Latin music world is so expansive, and that is very appealing in a lot of ways,” he says. “For someone like Shakira, America is her smallest market. She’s far more popular on a worldwide level because the Spanish language is so prevalent. Then the Latin Grammys themselves are getting more and more recognition over here because of that market. It’s great.”

Dave will likely be watching this year’s Latin Grammy broadcast from the studio, as he’s currently in Spain working on an undisclosed album he’s hoping will make it to next year’s nominees list. Despite the amount of records he continues to add to his credits since graduation, he admits that events like these are still a thrill – a reminder of the impact of his hours behind the console.

“Somewhere in the back of your mind every single project you do that’s cool you’re like ‘Oh, maybe this will go up for a Grammy,’ but it’s always kind of shock when it actually happens,” he says. “When you put in so many hours of work, and then get nominated for anything you do, it’s a great accomplishment. I’m always excited by it.”

The Latin Grammy Awards air Thursday, November 21, at 8 p.m. EST on Univision.