Grad Colin Hesterly Directs the Animated Short ‘The Mighty T’

“Short” can be a misleading term when it comes to animated films. While the duration of the actual clip might only run a few minutes, the amount of work that goes into producing a project can stretch for months and involve the talent of multiple artists, producers, and voice actors.

It’s a field that has produced uniquely inspiring work, with past innovators like Tim Burton and Nick Park, and among the recent artists we continue to be impressed with is Digital Arts & Design graduate Colin Hesterly. Since leaving Full Sail in 2010 Colin has developed a series of visually charming animated shorts while working at top industry design firms.

His most recent project is The Mighty T, an animated video about T cells that he created for the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research in Seattle, Washington. The project was produced by Colin’s employer, Academy Creative, with him directing. The clever three-minute spot is narrated by Joel McHale of The Soup and Community, and is just another example of Colin’s warm art style that lovingly blends classic animation with modern technology.

Colin currently sits as creative director at Academy Creative, following work at other studios like Buck, Imaginary Forces, and Royale (co-owned by Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Jayson Whitmore). His previous shorts have included three Vimeo Staff Picks – World of Motion, When I Grow Up, and Hammer & Hand.