GarageBand Workshop Reinforces Audio Recording Fundamentals

On Tuesday, a workshop was held on Full Sail’s campus as an introduction to GarageBand. Students from all degree programs were welcomed to participate. While some attended to brush up on their current skills, others came to tackle this software that was previously unfamiliar to them.

Staff Trainer Andrew Barras led the session and covered two topics: how to make music using a mix of background tracks and sounds, and how to create a podcast with audio and images.

“You don’t have to know everything about music to make music,” says Andrew. “The magic of GarageBand is that it helps you pick your styles, and it allows you to choose and adjust your instruments. By the end of the class, you’re going to make music your own way.”

Those in attendance learned how make a composition through the use of looped beats and recordings. Key issues were the stitching of different sounds together, controlling the balance of each instrument, and learning to crop, copy, and paste sections. They also made a podcast by first recording audio of their own voices, and then mixing it with other background sounds and images. This can then be published on a program like iTunes or iMovie.

Andrew hopes that this session’s rate of interest and attendance will spark further GarageBand workshops in the future.