Game Tips: Michael Johnstone on ‘Madden NFL 13’

2012 Game Design graduate Michael Johnstone is a software engineer at EA Tiburon, where he worked on the latest entry in the studio’s classic Madden franchise. This year’s Madden NFL 13 is getting strong reviews for its expanded gameplay options, and we caught up with Michael to get some tips on where players should start when diving into the feature-rich game.

Full Sail: Madden NFL 13 has a robust selection of game modes, what are you most excited for players to experience this year?

Michael Johnstone: I would definitely check out the “Connected Careers” mode first, that blows my mind. I never thought that we’d be starting to blend the distance between a sports game and a role playing game, but it does it. If you haven’t played Madden in a long time, that mode completely changes the name of the game.

Full Sail: What does “Connected Careers” bring to Madden?

MJ: You can create a coach or player from the ground up and play their entire career from the beginning. You can take your character online with other people, share your stats, and micromanage everything about the person you created. Just the level of customization, and the class-based gameplay – I’ve never heard of anything quite like that in a sports game.

FS: What about people wanting to play a classic game of Madden, is there a particular team you would suggest for someone new to the series?

MJ: I’m definitely recommending the Eagles because that’s my hometown. I’m sworn to support my team.




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