Game Project Final Presentations

Student Game Development team Quantum Fury from Emergency Broadcast Studios presented the end results of months of designing, coding, hard work, problem-solving, and precision at this month’s Game Project Final Presentations. Students, faculty, and family members were there to check out what these gaming students had to offer on the bay before their graduation from the degree program.

Their game – Roko’s Bane – is a fast paced third-person hack n slash that takes place in an ancient Asian environment. As a grizzled samurai armed with a single sword, players must battle shadow demons and the demonic presence that surrounds a deserted town, ancient mountains, and a defiled dojo.

The Game Project Final Project Presentations require Game Development students to come together as a team and pitch an idea for a complete game. One the idea gets approved, they team with Game Art and Recording Arts students to develop the project to its completion and present it before an audience of faculty, guests, and students.

Download Roko’s Bane and other Game Development projects at the Full Sail Game Project Web Portal.