Gabriel Alvarez: Web Designer at PaperStreet

Gabriel Alvarez’s job title might be ‘web designer’ but his colleagues at PaperStreet call him ‘the hybrid’. That’s because besides his wealth of knowledge in conceptualizing, developing and implementing website design solutions for his clients, Gabriel is also an Internet marketing wiz, thanks to his Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail.

“I play an integral role in both the creative and development process,” says the soon-to-be-married Gabriel. “In addition, I am responsible for brand development and creating corporate identities for businesses.”

And he loves it. “I am passionate about everything art and design. Creativity has always been a driving force in my life and career, and as a graphic artist and illustrator, I am drawn to the creative process that results in innovative, problem-solving solutions,” says Gabriel, who sees himself as a sponge, soaking up experiences and learning more about the field every day. “As a child, I vividly remember spending countless hours creating art and embracing it as a creative outlet for communicating. The fact that I can still do that and get paid for it is what I love about what I do.”

Oh, and living in Fort Lauderdale hasn’t been too bad either. “I have learned to really appreciate the South Florida climate. I love beach accessibility, diverse cultural experiences, oh, and my Cuban coffee.”