Full Sail’s 4th Annual Hall of Fame Begins Today

Industry Panels from Last Month's Hall of Fame Celebration [Video]

Today is the kickoff for Full Sail’s 4th Annual Hall of Fame celebration, which runs from February 13-16. This is the week we honor some of our most accomplished graduates and learn from them as they share their techniques and insights from the entertainment industry. There are dozens of special events taking place during Hall of Fame Week – including guest lectures and panel discussions featuring Hall of Fame graduates, Full Sail educators, and many entertainment industry professionals.

Many of the events will be also streaming live for our online students and will be viewable on a dedicated page on the Full Sail blog. Some of these online streams are password-protected and will be available only to Full Sail students. Students can retrieve the streaming password by going to this page on Connect. Additionally, some of the streams of these events will also be archived and made available in the future on the Full Sail YouTube channel.

Students are invited to attend all events on a first-come, first-served basis. You can find the events schedule on the Full Sail Blog or on our Hall of Fame mobile-optimized site. Follow @fullsail on Twitter to join the #FullSailHOF conversation!

Here is what’s on deck for Wednesday, February 13:

Events @ 9 a.m.

Live Sound vs. Recorded Sound with Darren Schneider & Dave Dean
EB Auditorium (FS3B-106) @ 9 a.m. – Learn more about the similarities and differences between mixing sound for live events versus in a recording environment (and the challenges of each) in this practical seminar.

FS3B-112 @ 9 a.m. – Bring the power of the crowd to help fund your project or business venture. In this fast-paced discussion with Jon Nash and Mark Mohler, we’ll look at what crowdfunding is and is not, provide helpful information for creating a successful crowdfunding project, and look at where crowdfunding is headed in the future.

Character Design for Animation
FS3B-130 @ 9 a.m. – Listen to animator and instructor Larry Lauria as he shares his 36-year journey through the animation industry and describes his experiences with Chuck Jones, Ward Kimball, Tex Avery and more. Watch character demos and animated films.

Kleeman & Mike: Digital Art in Entertainment
FS3B-131 @ 9 a.m. – Full Sail Course Director Hugo Giraud discusses his work on the animated short Kleeman and Mike, including how the Adobe Master Suite can be used in animation.

Events @ 11 a.m.

In the Studio with Phil Tan 1
EB Auditorium (FS3B-106) @ 11 a.m. – Join 2008 Hall of Fame inductee and two-time Grammy winner Phil Tan as he discusses his mixing techniques, answers student questions, and plays some of his mixes in this exclusive presentation. (This presentation is also offered at 3 p.m.)

Legal Issues in Entertainment
FS3B-112 @ 11 a.m. – Technology and the law update daily. When you create amazing content, you need to make sure that it is fully protected. Our legal experts (Shannon Ligon, Bill Whitacre and Tom Player and Cassi Willard) will survey best practices and hot topics dealing with the legal aspects of our industry.

Lessons on Running a Creative Agency
FS3B-113 @ 11 a.m. – Full Sail graduates Grant Salisbury and Jack Cottle, owners of the motion graphics company GFX Creative, explain their creative process and how they negotiate their workflow to meet clients’ needs. GFX Creative specializes in design, branding, animation and web design.

History of Animation
FS3B-130 @ 11 a.m. – Join Full Sail instructors Conrad Winterlich and Barry Temple for an insightful overview of 2D and 3D animation– from its origins to today.

First5 Games
FS3B-131 @11 a.m. – Gain insight into the game industry from 14-year veteran Dustin Clingman, who serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). Dustin has developed games for nearly every mobile platform. In 2012, he founded his newest label, First5 Games, to focus on creating games with the core mantra that they “Be understood in 5 seconds and loved in 5 minutes or less!”

Events @ 1 p.m.

Riff to Release
Full Sail Live 1 (on Forsyth Road) @ 1 p.m. – Follow the life cycle of a successful song release – including recording tracks, mixing, mastering, and selling the song via the Internet. Also hear from PreSonus CEO Jim Mack about his journey from working musician to music executive.

Sean Spuehler: My Career on Tour and in the Studio
EB Auditorium (FS3B-106) @ 1 p.m. – Learn from 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Sean Spuehler, who will be sharing his diverse experiences in the recording industry, touching on creativity, composing, recording engineering, and monitor mixing for acts including Madonna, Limp Bizkit and Blur.

Designing the Hit Game, Letter by Letter
FS3B-130 @ 1 p.m. – Join Full Sail graduates John Taylor and Brian Fleming as they demonstrate how they designed and developed the hit game, Letter by Letter.

Lessons from Real World Web Deployments
FS3B-131 @1 p.m. – Join faculty members Lyndon Modomo and Gus Hernandez from the Web Design & Development program as they discuss the challenges of deploying large-scale projects for clients and past employers.

Events @ 3 p.m.

In the Studio with Phil Tan 2
EB Auditorium (FS3B-106) @ 3 p.m. – Join 2008 Hall of Fame inductee and two-time Grammy winner Phil Tan as he discusses his mixing techniques, answers student questions, and plays some of his mixes in this exclusive presentation. (This presentation is also offered at 11 a.m.)

Larry Katz: My Life as a Hollywood Assistant Director
FS3B-112 @ 3 p.m. – Aspiring directors can learn about the job description of a 2nd Assistant Director from Larry Katz, as he discusses his journey gaining membership into the Directors Guild of America and working on films like Captain America: The First Avenger and Cloverfield.

Troy DeVolld Discusses His Book, “Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to Television’s Hottest Market”
FS3B-113 @ 3 p.m. – Get the inside scoop on the world of reality TV from 2010 Hall of Fame inductee and television writer Troy DeVolld, whose credits include Basketball Wives, Flipping Out, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, and the Osbournes.

Casting and Directing: Choosing and Developing Talent
FS3B-130 @ 3 p.m. – After we hand talent the script, then what? Our faculty panel of Disco San-Andreas, Tommy Dennis, Mike Wotherspoon, and Kevin O’Neill discusses the entire process involved in choosing, staging, and directing your talent. This is a must for any student wishing to ascend to the coveted position of director.

Working with Virtual Teams
FS3B-131 @3 p.m. – Learn from Mobile Development faculty members Rick Osborne and Joe DeSetto as they discuss running a virtual design and development studio using web applications such as Github, Freshbook, Basecamp, and others.



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