Full Sail University and University of Florida endorse educational collaboration

Today, we’re excited to announce some pretty big news: The boards of the University of Florida and Full Sail University have agreed to collaborate on educational opportunities for students at both schools. This is a brand-new collaboration, aimed at increasing the opportunities for students studying media, technology, and entertainment business. Although there are still lots of details to be worked out, one facet of the collaboration that we’re proud to announce is that students who graduate with certain degrees at one school will now find it easier to access upper-level degree programs at the other institution.

Below, you can get some more information from the press release we just sent out, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments; we’ll gather them together and answer them in another post early next week.

Winter Park, Fla. — The University of Florida and Full Sail University boards have endorsed a collaboration to create more educational and career opportunities for students at both schools in media, technology and entertainment business.

The collaboration will, among other things, make it easier for students who graduate with certain degrees at one institution to have access to the next level of degree program at the other institution. It also will help clear the way for co-promotion of such degree and certificate programs, with the aim of establishing Central and North Central Florida as a national leader for entertainment business and technology.

“It just makes sense for institutions to share their assets in order to benefit their students,” University of Florida President Bernie Machen said. “UF and Full Sail each have fields in which they excel. Why not make it easier for students to have the best of both worlds?”

Full Sail President Garry Jones called the collaboration “a fantastic new chapter in the histories of both universities.”

“This is truly exciting,” Jones said. “Our schools have so much to offer each other, and the best part is that the students at both our institutions will be the big winners.”

The project initially would focus on sports, business, computer game development and engineering, animation, and education degree and certificate programs.

UF colleges that have expressed interest in the plan include Journalism and Communications, Fine Arts, Business Administration, Health and Human Performance, Education and Engineering.

Founded in 1979, Full Sail offers over 30 master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programs with an emphasis in many areas related to entertainment and media. Its enrollment is more than 15,000.

The collaboration is part of what Machen calls the university’s Accelerated Market Priorities. AMPs, as they are called, will be a series of initiatives aimed at making the university more responsive to the needs of the job market.

“As I’ve said before, we consider economic development to be a university mission equal in importance to research, education and service,” Machen said. “AMPs make it possible for us to respond quickly to rapidly changing markets.”

A time frame for the collaboration has not been established. The plan calls for several measures to be met. Those include ensuring that each institution’s admissions process and standards are met by students admitted to its degree programs, and each institution’s degree and accreditation requirements are met for degrees earned with courses taken at both institutions, according to the resolution trustees approved.




8 thoughts on “Full Sail University and University of Florida endorse educational collaboration

  1. Avatar James Powell says:

    This is great news. Now maybe we can get the respect that is deserved!

  2. Looking forward to watching this collaboration unfold!

  3. I JUST got my email today that says my computer has been shipped and I start Jan 3rd online. This is such great news to go with that! I agree….hopefully now there will be more respect given.

    Is there an approx time frame that this will all become official? Also…for those that have been going or already have gone to school at Full Sail before, will they be given the option to carry their credits and schooling over to UF if they want after it all becomes official?

    1. Angela: So glad to hear about your upcoming start date. As for the questions you’re asking regarding this collaboration, there are still lots of details and information to be forthcoming. For now, the big news is that the two schools have agreed to work together, and as we get more information about the benefits of the collaboration, we’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. Avatar Seth Piguet says:

    This is fantastic. I’ve got an AA from UF and an AS from Full Sail, will I be able to make that into a BA or BS from either school?

    1. Seth: The specific details about the collaboration are still being determined. As they are worked out, we will certainly share them here.

      1. Avatar Seth Piguet says:

        Any more news on this partnership?

        1. Seth: Let me check and see if there’s an update.

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