Full Sail Presents at This Year’s ProMaxBDA Conference

Full Sail’s Bill Galbreath was in California earlier this month, speaking during the Creative Educators Forum at the annual ProMaxBDA Conference. The Design & Technology Education Director was invited along with David Saperstein from ESPN to share a case study about Full Sail and ESPN‘s partnership.

ProMaxBDA is the international association for entertainment marketing professionals, and its annual PromaxBDA: The Conference brings big names together to discuss how marketing plays a role in monetizing media.

“We shared how schools and industry can work together,” says Bill. “We have a really different partnership with ESPN and we presented that model to educators.”

Besides presenting, Bill was able to attend a Q&A with Charlie Sheen, watch Betty White receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, and check out displays of all of the best motion graphic marketing pieces and show opens that were created last year. (Two of his favorites: Magic City and Game of Thrones).

“We go to these conferences to make sure our classes are reflecting trends,” says Bill. “So when our graduates finish school, they have a competitive advantage.”