Full Sail Instructors Contribute to ‘15 Views of Orlando’ Book

Three Full Sail instructors wrote short, fictional stories for the book, 15 Views of Orlando, a literary portrait of the city. The book, published by Burrow Press, releases Jan. 31 and locals are invited to attend a book release party at Urban Rethink at 625 E. Central Blvd. on Jan. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Attendees can pre-order the book online and pick up their copy at the book release party.

15 Views of Orlando began as a blog project on the Burrow Press website and evolved into a book, according to Music Production Course Director Jared Silvia, who took part in the project. The book’s collection of stories – all set in Orlando – was written by 15 different writers, all of whom built upon each other’s stories in some way. The stories feature locales that give the city character but are not necessarily the spots that tourists envision when they think “Orlando.”

“The idea in people’s heads that don’t live here is: ‘Disney, Disney, Disney’ – shiny, happy tourism place,” said Mark Pursell, who teaches composition and was one of the writers for the project. “But it’s just like anywhere else in the sense that the people who live in the place and are here all the time see all the facets.”

For instance, writer Ashley Inguanta, who also teaches in the Writing Department at Full Sail, based her story in Orlando’s Little Vietnam section – an area replete with Asian grocery stores and restaurants and rich in history. Other examples are Oviedo’s Townhouse Restaurant, “Crocodile World” (a fictional version of Gatorland), and Tom & Jerry’s, a bar in Winter Park.

“It is like taking a tour of Orlando in that you get to see some of the best and worst of the city,” said Silvia.

Since each story was supposed to somehow connect to the last, each writer had only about seven days to write his or her story, adding to the spontaneity of the project.

Silvia likens it to street photography: “You’re walking down the street with your camera ready, and you’re going to take a picture, but you can’t necessarily control the people who you’re going to cross paths with,” said Silvia. “But the way you frame that picture, it has to be spontaneous. You know, that’s your creative injection on the image.”

At the Urban Rethink event, Silvia and other writers will be reading their stories aloud.

An associated art show, “Art Inspired by Orlando,” is on display at Urban Rethink, which features the art of Full Sail instructors Lesley Silvia and Thomas Thorspecken.

For more information on 15 Views of Orlando, go to the Burrow Press website or listen to this WMFE interview of three of the writers involved.




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