Full Sail Hosts Booth at I/ITSEC

During the first week of December, Full Sail students and members of the Game Development and Simulation and Visualization faculty attended the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) at the Orlando Convention Center. Marketed as the world’s largest modeling, training, and simulation conference, the event included workshops and presentations by experts in the field of simulation as well as an exhibit hall featuring companies from all over the world who specialize in simulation technology.

Over at the Full Sail booth, student volunteers gave demonstrations of Simulation and Visualization Program Director Rob Catto’s Virtual Foot Flyer, an Occulus Rift powered paragliding simulator. In between demonstrations, students were able to explore the conference floor and network with representatives from a variety of fields currently employing simulation technology, including construction companies, the military, the medical industry, and more. Kacey Misskelley, a student in the Game Design master’s program, was given the opportunity to attend the conference as part of her capstone work.

“There’s actually been a lot of generated interest [in the gliding simulator],” she said. “It’s neat to be able to talk to people who are potential employers and network with them. You really have to walk slow and just observe everything because there’s so much going on. There are probably 5000 different monitors in the exhibit hall, just showing different simulations and programs. Very interesting stuff, and I hope I can take it all in before it’s over.”



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  1. Avatar Ye Liu says:

    I really like the gliding simulator. If we can get opportunity to attend the conference a part of work. It is very cool! I like fullsail game program!

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