Full Sail Grad Ladale Jackson Now Teaching Online Classes of Her Own

Ladale Jackson is no stranger to online learning. Since entering the graphic design industry nearly a decade ago, she has frequently taken online courses to amp up her skills. The experience had been pretty mediocre until she enrolled in Full Sail’s Education Media Design & Technology master’s program.

“I had attempted online classes several times before, but I often didn’t really enjoy it so I just did what I had to do to get through it,” Ladale says. “But at Full Sail, I started to look at the whole educational process differently. The classroom, the material, and the things we were asked to read were all presented in an easy to follow way that made it effortless to stay on task. Even on days when I worked until 10 pm, I was able to fit it all in.”

Ladale took the 12 online Full Sail classes that comprise the Education Media Design & Technology master’s program from her home in Toledo while she continued to teach graphic design courses at a local college in Maumee, OH. “It was an interesting combination because being a student actually helped me perfect my teaching,” she says. “I was able to directly implement into my classroom everything I was learning through Full Sail.”

As a result, Ladale got inspired to pursue teaching online courses and recently was hired by another school to teach an online design and typography class.

“I was told when I first started teaching that you have to remain teachable,” she says. “It’s not that you can’t get to the point where you are an expert, but there is always something you may not know.”



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  2. Avatar Robert Red says:

    I started teaching graphic design online class and it’s going pretty good. I have a degree in this area so I feel like I know what I am doing.

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