Full Sail Film Grads and Faculty Win Six Crystal Reel Awards

In a nod to Full Sail filmmaking excellence, several graduates and staff members took home honors at the 23rd Annual Crystal Reel Awards put on by the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association this week.

The Crystal Reel Awards are meant to honor outstanding achievements in motion picture, television, audio recording, and digital media productions created in Florida each year. The judges for the awards are Emmy, GRAMMY, and/or Oscar recipients from across the country with no affiliation to the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association. In all, Full Sail student films were nominated for 13 awards, and of those, six grads won in five award categories. [All of the winners were students at the time the films were made.]

The winners were: Matt Dunham, who won Best Sound Mixing – Short Film for Men of This Life; Charlie Turner [and Ashlie Cassell], who won Best Script – Produced Short Film/Video for Kaleidoscope; C.A. Barrow, who won Best Art Direction/ Set Design – Short Film for Men of This Life; Charles McCrary, who won for Best Director of Photography – Short Film for Kaleidoscope; and Peter Clotfelter Quenelle, who won Best Director – Short Film for At Night.

Also taking home an award for Best Sound/Sound Mixing for a Feature for their work on Renee were Full Sail Dubbing Stage Engineer Michael Orlowski, M.P.S.E. (Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording mixer); Assistant Dubbing Stage Manager Dave Chmela, M.P.S.E. (Dialog Editor and Re-Recording Mixer); Course Director Colin Hart (Sound Effects Editor); and Lab Specialist John Stazell (Sound Designer).

Renee was the opening night film at the 2012 Florida Film Festival, premiering to a sold-out crowd. Renee tells the true story of Renee Yohe, a local girl who overcame self-harm and drug addictions with the help of her friend, David McKenna, a Full Sail grad who co-produced the movie. It was filmed in Orlando (including a few scenes shot here in the Full Sail Live Venue). Yohe’s story was the inspiration for the founding of the non-profit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms.

“The film has amazing music elements that really drive the energy of the film,” said Orlowski.

Orlowski described the process of creating a ‘concert’ effect: “There was one scene at a music festival where Renee and her friends are watching a band perform on stage. We wanted to have the crowd sing along with the chorus, so we invited staff and students to volunteer for a group recording session. We turned our Dubbing Stage into a giant karaoke room. We displayed the words on the screen, while our volunteers sang along with the music wearing headphones. We did multiple sessions recording over 70 people. It really helped sell the track and made you feel that you were at the concert.”

Eight other Full Sail students [now grads] were nominated for awards: They were: Michael Frye (Murder of Crows), Adrian Davile (The Spirit of Strings), Riley Fearon (Murder of Crows), Alexandria Harris and Jeremiah Hiberly (Death Speech), Andrew Eva (The Spirit of Strings), Jason Raab (In Season), and Peter Clotfelter Quenelle (At Night).

Congratulations to all the Full Sail nominees and winners!

[Pictured above, from left to right: Full Sail faculty members Mike Orlowski, Rick Ramsey, and Andrew Campbell with the school’s awards.]

-Christine Janesko



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  1. Avatar Shannon Allard says:

    Interesting…. I didn’t even hear that we were nominated or entered for our film Kaleidoscope… Don’t you think that you should sent our award that we won to us…? Please shoot me and email so I can give you the address of Charlie Turner

    1. Avatar Christine Janesko says:

      Hi Shannon, congratulations on your unexpected success! 🙂 I have
      forwarded your question to the Film department to follow up with you.

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