Full Sail Course Director’s Film Sees a National Release

Full Sail Course Director's Film Sees a National Release
'23rd Psalm Redemption' co-directors Cornelius Booker III and Christopher Odom with star Tatyana Ali.

Congratulations to Christopher Odom (pictured above, right), a Course Director in Full Sail’s Creative Writing MFA online program: 23rd Psalm Redemption, a film he wrote, directed, and produced, was picked up by E1 Entertainment for national distribution. The film was released today and is available at Redbox, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Netflix.

In the faith-based movie, which was shot in 2010 outside of Nashville, a convict named Luther escapes from prison and seeking revenge, takes John Smith and his family hostage in their home, as John was the detective who sent him to jail.

“It’s a home invasion thriller with an inspirational undertone,” says Christopher, who teaches the Multimedia Terms & Genres course.

Christopher co-wrote, produced, and directed the film with Cornelius Booker III, who he continues to work with on other projects, including the upcoming Gooey Duck, which Christopher describes as “a martial arts Reservoir Dogs.”

Check out the trailer for 23rd Psalm Redemption below.



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