For Ryan Webber, making indie films is all about telling great stories

When Ryan Webber returned to his West Michigan hometown after graduating from Full Sail’s Film program, he knew he had his work cut out for him in terms of a job search. “So, I decided the only way to do it was to do it myself. No one could push harder than me,” says Ryan, who founded Bright Idea Pictures in 2010. “I knew this process would be incredibly difficult, and that it would take a long time to get any momentum, but I kept pushing.”

Ryan’s vision was to create a company that would seek out new and inventive ways to make movies for low cost. “My hope was to utilize new emerging technologies that are making it easier and easier to make professional-looking movies.” He also hoped to make films that make viewers think about them for months and years after it leaves the silver screen.

Ryan just wrapped up production on Finding Home, which is based on a screenplay he wrote in 2006. “I’ve called Finding Home the nirvana of my filmmaking career to date,” says Ryan, who has also produced two short films. “It’s built from the ground up and paid for by the sweat and equity of myself and my former business partner. It was a film so many people in my life told me I would never be able to accomplish. Sometime in 2011, I decided it was my mission to prove all of them wrong.”

Finding Home had its red carpet screening in Grand Rapids, MI earlier this year, much to the delight of its director, an indie diehard. “As a filmmaker, I’ve been most disappointed with what on the surface appears to be lack of creativity [in Hollywood]. It’s been remake, prequel, reboot fest for several years,” he says. “If you ask me, the vibrancy of true indie films is at stake. Technology has been great; it’s allowed thousands of people to make films every day. But films are all about stories and indie filmmakers are telling great stories.”