Film grads launch a production company in West Hollywood

A few years ago, Sabrina Cooper came to a basic realization about her film career: “This industry is crazy tough, and it’s next to impossible to get into the large studios unless you are already have a name. I knew if we wanted to make amazing stories, we would have to do them ourselves.”

The “we” is Stacey Haid, a fellow Full Sail grad, friend, and co-founder of their production company Black Castle Productions. “When we were at Full Sail, I believe it was during our last few classes, I said, ‘Hey Stace! If I open a production company do you want to be my partner?’ I think we both knew that it would be a few years ‘til that happened, but in my head it was right around the corner,” Sabrina says.

After graduation, Stacey and Sabrina met and befriended cinematographer Jeremy Noggles, who would join their efforts. “Stacey is just one of those people that can walk into a room and within five minutes she is friends with everyone. I’m more reserved and business-minded, and Jeremy has the technical side of the industry. I think we make a great team in that we all have different strengths and can work together as one.”

No stranger to the movie business, Sabrina had previously worked on HBO’s Treme, FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares, as well as a few TV movies and features. Stacey had interned at MTV and had credits with TNT and Discovery, as well as short films, one feature, a TV pilot, and some music videos.

Earlier this year, Stacey, Sabrina, and Jeremy officially launched Black Castle Productions on “The Lot” in West Hollywood. “It will specialize in feature films and documentaries,” Sabrina says. “Later down the road we will probably tackle TV but for now the passion is feature films and documentaries.”

The team has hit the ground running and is already focused on several projects, including a film called Phantasmagoria based on the 1995 PC game. “After that, we are looking to do a romantic comedy titled Girlfriend for Hire [and] last but not least is an epic drama script called Nu Na Da Ul Tsun Yi.”

Stacey and Sabrina both agree that the best part of launching their own production company is being able to tell great stories and they haven’t regretted their decision for a second. “It just seemed silly to chase the dream when we could just create it,” Stacey says.