Film Grad Nick Esenwein: Stage Technician at Walt Disney World

There’s an enormous amount of live entertainment to choose from during a day at Walt Disney World’s theme parks, and one of the people working behind the scenes to help create these experiences is Film graduate Nick Esenwein.

Nick has been a stage technician at Walt Disney World in Orlando since 2007, and he’s helped produce live entertainment throughout the resort’s different parks, and even done a stint aboard the Disney cruise line coordinating their stage shows.

“In the time that I’ve worked for Disney I’ve worked in such an expansive plethora of disciplines,” he says. “I can do video, lighting, props, and pyrotechnics, all in the space of a week. They’ve provided me such a great opportunity to expand my skills.”

Nick spends most of his time working at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which includes helping with the special effects at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and other daily shows. He’ll also jump between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, assisting as a camera operator during special events, and even setting up their elaborate fireworks shows.

Nick explains that the highlight of his year is often being able to contribute to Epcot’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The show is a choreographed mix of music, fireworks, dancing waters, lasers, and fire, which combine together for a spectacular display.

“My favorite memory at Disney was probably during my first New Year’s Eve,” he says. “I worked about a 22-hour day, and after the finale of the show the roar of the crowd was just exhilarating. I’ve never heard anything like it, and that one moment brought it all together for me.”