Film Grad Fest Held On Campus

Every month, the Film Grad Fest celebrates student work and gives students in the Film bachelor’s degree program an opportunity to showcase the projects they have been working on during their time in the program. Hosted in the Full Sail Live venue on campus, Grad Fest features a chance for Film students to walk the red carpet, pick up popcorn and refreshments, and mingle with guests before heading inside to see their movies played on the big screen.

The event is open to faculty, staff, and students from all degree programs. Because Grad Fest takes place the day before graduation, students usually invite friends and family as well.

“Grad Fest is for everyone – anyone who wants to attend is more than welcome,” says Nate Moxley, a course director in Film. “But really the stars of the show today are the graduates themselves.”

The Grad Fest held on March 24 featured two films from the Final Project course, Classic and Fallout, and two films from the Film Production course, Fairytale Life and Resistance. The students were also able to submit any outside work or projects from other courses.

Recent Film grad Jacob Cooper brought his family to see the results of the hard work he put in during his studies. “I’m actually excited for some of [the films] because they haven’t seen all of my projects so it will be cool to see how they react to them.”

Join the fun and help celebrate grads at the next Grad Fest. For more information and to find the next event date, be sure to check the calendar on Connect.



2 thoughts on “Film Grad Fest Held On Campus

  1. Avatar Michelle Fernandez says:

    YESSSSSSS!!!!! I love my Alma Matter. Best Education ever. Congratulations Graduates. I am accepting interns and directors, script submissions, etc. Love Full Sail, love film, music, and gaming.
    -Dream big and never give up.
    Michelle Fernandez

  2. Avatar 张心格 says:

    This article is fantastic.I am interested in this activity. I would like to visit Grad Fest.I think it will enrich my experience. I want to learn more things about Full Sail. This experience will give more help for me .So if I get a chance, I will visit it.

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