Film Fridays: ‘Just Weight’

Just Weight, a 16mm student film shot in the style of a mockumentary, follows Medio Man, a man seeking therapy to address the fact that he believes he is a superhero. The film introduces us to several of his delusions, including the belief that he has a romance with his therapist’s secretary, a rivalry with Ultra Man, and a true friendship with Dr. Brown, his therapist who admittedly “zones him out.”

We asked Jason Boyette, one of the film’s Executive Producers and Full Sail’s Film Production Course Director, if he could remember any interesting anecdotes about working on the 2010 film; and it wasn’t the long hours, the set, or the crew that he had stories about, but rather an interesting wardrobe malfunction.

“The crew purchased underwear for [Medio Man] that was four to five sizes too big,” says Jason. “So, they had to cinch up the underwear in the back, which created a lot of issues for filming. Needless to say, the underwear didn’t always work as planned.”

You’ll even see in the film’s credits that there is a special call-out to this malfunction. Check it out below: