Film Fridays: “Finish What You Start”

In the spirit of New years resolutions, this week’s student-produced Film Friday feature is Finish What You Start, directed by Aaron Beer, Michael Duncan, and Gabe Fata.


Directors: Aaron Beer, Michael Duncan, & Gabe Fata

Producers: Alex Ginzo, Mike Jones, & Richie Dine

Executive Producers: Jason Boyette, Rich Dutra, & John Kosik

Unit Production Manager: Jamie Fultz

First Assistant Director: Ben Brainerd

Second Assistant Director/Casting Director: Jeff Landry

Production Coordinator: Bryan McKinley

Script Supervisor: Brett Blitch

VTR: Aaron Beer, Michael Duncan, & Gabe Fata

Director of Photography: Alaa Chami

Various Crew: Reid Barnbrook, Cody Giampa, Michael McKillop, Brad Simms, Glenn Goodman, Tony Erickson, Nick Federici, Kyle Klubal, Rick “Wolf” Goudreau, Joe McMillon, Nadja Edmond, John Adams, Paul H. Runko, Jr., Mark Tucci, Andy Sankovich, Creations by Chef Aaron, Stephen Buckley, Michael Chaumont, Christine Dick, Cody Larson, Daniel Pando



3 thoughts on “Film Fridays: “Finish What You Start”

  1. Avatar Sid Vicious says:

    definitely see a Tarantino influence even some slight plagiarism on a few lines…. lol

  2. Avatar Acting School says:

    A very delightful film. Good job. Regard.

  3. Avatar Tom says:

    Yeah, There are Tarantino references. Mainly Reservoir Dogs, I noticed.

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