Film Fridays: CGI & Special Effects Spotlight

Besides great films from recent GradFests, we want to use Film Fridays to showcase some excellent student work from the archives as well, like great examples of lighting, acting, costume design, make up, and this week’s spotlight: excellence in CGI and special effects. We’ve been checking out the archives and have also tapped into some of the faculty member’s brains to get their opinions on what stuck out in their minds.

This week, we’re showcasing Field of Honor, a film directed by Matt Fisher that was shot early last year and premiered at last April’s GradFest. It’s set in 18th century Charles Town, South Carolina, and tells the story of a newspaper journalist who is challenged to a duel by Joseph Langley, a duelist he accuses of dishonorably killing people. Matt and his production crew worked with a team of five students and faculty members from the Computer Animation department to digitally enhance most aspects of the movie, including all of the scenes you see of the plantation and Charles Town. The film crew painted the walls of the Full Sail soundstage green so that all of the landscapes could be digitally inserted in post-production.

“I drew storyboards and the Computer Animation team started creating shots before we even started filming,” said Matt. “We built the buildings on the soundstage and they digitally added the roofs, and they created an entire set extension of 1770 Charles Town in the film’s final shot.”

Matt graduated from Full Sail’s Film program as the valedictorian of his class, and has since worked in production on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Fast Food Mania. He’s started a production company out of his hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, called Emblem Film Co., and just a few weeks ago, Field of Honor was an official selection at the Greenville International Film Festival.