Fight Samurais and Robots in Two New Student Games [Play]

Battle Samurais and Robots in Two New Student Games [Play]

At last month’s Game Project Final Presentations in Full Sail Live, two teams made up of students graduating in June showed off demos of the games they’ve been working on for months. If you missed it, you can download and play both of them for free over on Full Sail’s Game Project Web Portal.

You’ll head to feudal Japan in Way of the Blade [pictured above], a 2.5-dimesional fighting game created by Team GLHF, where players must utilize precise timing to overcome samurai-themed enemies. Or enter the world created by Team Pixelated Bear 5000, a post apocalyptic wasteland in Dark Passage, where you play as a character named Murph, who must fight steam-powered robots to make it out of a mine shaft alive. Dark Passage is a 3rd person hack-n-slash game.

Both of the games were created by Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students from June’s graduating classes. To see more screenshots, watch demos, or download the games, go here.