Faculty Members Volunteer at Orlando’s Coalition for the Homeless

Spring Break is one of the best times for Full Sail faculty members to plan team-building activities within their respective degree programs, giving them a chance to spend time together while students are away. Entertainment Business and Music Business faculty members added a charitable aspect to their team-building event earlier today when they ventured to downtown Orlando’s Coalition for the Homeless to assemble bag lunches for families in need.

This wasn’t the group’s first visit to the Coalition: Last December, EBBS and MBBS faculty helped set up a “store” full of free, donated clothing for the center’s residents to browse through and take.

“It was such a great team-builder that we said, ‘We have to come back,'” said EB/MB Department Coordinator Michele Vincent.

The group brought supplies to assemble 125 bag lunches, each with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, apple, and bottled water. The Coalition for the Homeless is the largest provider of homeless services in Central Florida, having served more than 300,000 meals last year alone.