Entertainment Business Student Talks EDM at Winter Music Conference in Miami

Entertainment Business Student Talks EDM at Winter Music Conference in Miami

Entertainment Business student Guilherme Tannenbaum has his hand in the global EDM scene: his record label and artist management company, Braslive Records, has released 55 records since 2010, most of them by Brazilian electronic musicians. Guilherme, who hails from Brazil, is dedicated to promoting his country’s growing EDM scene.

“Before [Braslive], everyone was doing their own thing, and I realized that we should all be working together,” says Guilherme. “All of the artists should be under the same brand so we can get attention from the world. We shouldn’t be seeing each other as competitors.”

Guilherme’s success in the industry led him to being asked to attend last month’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, where he spoke on a panel called “Pangaea: Emerging Markets” about the spread in popularity of electronic music from the U.S. and Europe to the rest of the world. The panel was moderated by Shiv Madan of NME India and also featured music producer BT, Aston Harvey from British electronic music group The Freestylers, Viacom18 Media’s Jaideep Singh, and Duane Buriani-Gennai of Australia’s Konkrete Agency. During the panel, Guilherme says he stressed his belief that EDM should be global, and electronic artists should be traveling to other countries to meet their fans and create new markets for themselves.

“We shouldn’t be thinking about selling 50 million albums, we should be thinking about creating a global market and having fans around the world,” says Guilherme.

While studying Entertainment Business at Full Sail to learn more about the business side of the industry, Guilherme continues to grow Braslive. (He even just hired brand new Entertainment Business Master’s grad Shanz Hill as the label’s Head of Bookings.) After graduation, he hopes to have a successful career in marketing and managing artists in the EDM world and beyond.

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  1. Avatar Marco Rivera says:

    The fans are the most important thing for the artist. Work together is better than work alone so, when the artists are under the same brand they can get more attention. I hope the best future for him and his record label.

    1. Avatar Daniella says:

      Hi Marco,

      I’m agree with you. Great article. You have a good point of view.

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