‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Features Work From Alumni

Tom Cruise has probably saved the world a dozen times during his screen career, and this summer sees him gearing up for another pass at defending humanity in the new sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow. Based on a 2004 Japanese novel, Cruise stars as a military officer fighting an alien invasion in the near future – all while stuck in a time loop that sees him repeatedly killed in battle and brought back to life.

The ambitious premise was adapted to screens from a script co-written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) and with director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) behind the camera. A sizable crew was also employed to help to produce the film, including four Full Sail graduates who assisted during its preproduction and postproduction.

Representing the Film program was 2006 grad Akira Otaguro. Akira acted as casting assistant during the early stages of the project, a role he previously held on such other action movies as The Wolverine and Ninja Assassin.

Three Computer Animation alumni were part of the visual effects talent on hand, with Andrew Hwang (2006) working as previsualization artist to create rough animatics of sequences as a guide for the filmmakers. After shooting had wrapped, the footage went through the hands of Maxime Besner (2009) as paint artist and Camila Davila (2008) as texture painter, as they worked to add depth to the digital characters, backgrounds, and more.

These three artists worked on Edge of Tomorrow out of some of the most respected digital facilities in North America. Andrew was at The Third Floor in Los Angeles during its production, with Camila nearby at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Culver City, California. Maxime made his contributions further north at the Montreal, Canada-based studio Cinesite.



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