Digital Cinematography Students Crew DCBS-TV Episode on Grad Topics

On the day before graduation, several members of the first graduating class of the Digital Cinematography bachelor of science degree program helped produce a TV segment on life after graduation.

The production was for a DCBS-TV episode, which is streamed live for DCBS students. Specifically, the program was aimed at helping grads get a leg up in the film industry.

“We’re really focusing on our graduates, so this DCBS-TV program is really geared toward how to produce and create content after you graduate,” says Course Director William Kavan.

Guests for the DCBS-TV episode included Orlando Film Festival Executive Director Daniel Springen, veteran Production Designer Jerry Abercrombie, and Career Development’s Digital Arts Team Manager Jamey Hopper.

During the show, the guests talked about how to get into film festivals, how to land your first film gig, and how to keep up with a constantly changing film industry. They also answered question submitted live by online Digital Cinematography students.


The Digital Cinematography program produces about two DCBS-TV episodes a month, which are typically crewed by faculty members.

However, three times a year, the program holds day-long workshops called meet-and-greets for online students who are able to make it to the school’s Winter Park campus. During the workshops, the students are trained in lighting, camera setup, set decoration, audio, and switching, and then assigned specific jobs for a DCBS-TV production.

Previous DCBS-TV episodes have dealt with color correction, camera optics, art history, storyboarding, and film industry topics. The program has also hosted Orlando Film Commissioner Sheena Fowler and two working cameramen from the Florida market.

Digital Cinematography Course Director Bob Perry says the program plans to grow its digital offerings and eventually make the shows available to more students.

“There are going to be a great number of videos that students within the program and also students outside of the program can access for supplemental learning,” says Perry.



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  1. Avatar Amaury says:

    It’s good to know that this program is growing up more and more. Besides that the workshop are very helpful to learn techniques and new stuff. I’m glad that other program here in Full Sail is growing up like the other programs did.

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