Digital Arts & Design’s HUB Gallery Returns with Music-Inspired Art

Digital Arts & Design's HUB Gallery Returns with Art Inspired by Music

Those impressive pieces of art currently on display in the Building 2 Lobby are the work of Digital Arts & Design faculty members and students participating in the program’s HUB Gallery exhibition. On hiatus since 2009, HUB returned last week with the debut of a brand new exhibition centered around the overarching theme of music.

dad-hub-gallery-tyler-christmasDuring the opening reception, Digital Arts & Design Program Director Eric Rosenfeld handed out Best in Show Awards to Lab Specialist Tony Philippou for his trio of mixed media illustrations of Biggie, Andre 3000, and Cee-Lo Green (pictured, above) and student Tyler Christmas, whose skeleton-esque skateboard deck and painting (pictured, right) were inspired by the music he was listening to at the time.

Every other month the exhibition will change and new work will be featured in the lobby. HUB’s next theme will be “Nature,” and it will debut on November 13, 2013. Students interested in submitting art should send an e-mail to Course Director Kim Lomas.

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