Digital Arts & Design August Grad Showcase [Photos/Video]

At last month’s Digital Arts & Design showcase, seven students from August’s graduating class showcased their final portfolios, motion graphics work, and demo reels for friends, family, and faculty in the Entertainment Business Auditorium. Check out a few of the featured graduate’s projects below.

Andrew Adames:

Kayla Davisson:
















Kadeem Barnett:
















Andrea Gil:










Anjelin Martinez:












M.J. Tangonan:



One thought on “Digital Arts & Design August Grad Showcase [Photos/Video]

  1. sup guys! ok, so ima go into computer animation and was wondering if anyone would be willing to guide me through what i should practice with until i get there. i have no experience in animation and kinda don’t want to worry about it till i get there, but i do need to work on my art. please review what i’ve done so far at and tell me what i need to work on. i know shading/coloring is something i just need to experiment with and I’m working on it, but anything else would be extremely helpful. oh yeah, and my name is Sarah Ellen =3=

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