Daniel Corey Brings Storytelling Into a New Dimension

Graphic novelist Daniel Corey is literally making his words jump off the page. Having recently earned the number two spot on Onalytica’s list of Top 100 Virtual Reality Influencers, the Full Sail grad has introduced virtual and augmented reality into his comics to create a whole new experience for his readers.

Daniel’s company, DangerKatt Creative Studios, has four different titles under its belt: Prophet, Moriarty, Red City, and Bloodworth, all of which Daniel serves as the writer and executive producer. Moriarty was picked up by Image Comics in 2010; a company that also publishes the popular comic book franchise The Walking Dead. This noticeably boosted DangerKatt’s visibility in the comic book world, and new ideas and developments have been on the rise ever since.

“DangerKatt focuses primarily on creating graphic novels and developing their transmedia potential,” says Daniel. “Virtual Reality is opening up an entirely fresh avenue of ideation, where we can create storyworlds in traditional media and then use VR to immerse ourselves in those worlds. Whether you’re playing a VR game based on one of our books, or actually walking through the pages of a storytelling experience, VR is giving us revolutionary and unique ways to showcase and expand our properties.”

In February of this year, Daniel began working with the Australian company Transmedia Entertainment to create Moriarty: Endgame Virtual Reality Experience, and shortly thereafter debuted a VR demonstration at WonderCon in April. In the future, the experience will be available on Google Cardboard.

“We came up with a way that creates the environment of each individual scene in 3D, and then we place the comic art straight off the page into the 3D environment. The user can then click through from scene to scene while still being in the same room, and the art will move to different parts of the room depending on where the characters are standing within the 3D space,” explains Daniel.

But the creativity doesn’t stop there. Daniel’s latest project, Bloodworth, explores the world of an FBI squad that can enter civilians’ minds and use their memories to solve crimes. Bloodworth will be used in conjunction with the Blippar app, allowing users to unlock AR content in the comic using their phone or tablet.

“The story itself was the inspiration for my involvement in AR/VR, because being able to enter into someone’s brain and stand in their memory is somewhat of a VR thing itself,” explains Daniel. “It made me think about how I could translate comics into AR and VR.”

The future certainly has a lot in store for Daniel and DangerKatt, and he has plans to attend more trade shows to connect with additional AR/VR developers and vendors. He notes that it’s important to get your foot in the door and build those relationships – networking is always one of the keys to success.

And while it hasn’t been easy to shake up the comic book industry, Daniel hasn’t let any negativity slow him down.

Don’t listen to those people who try to hold you back. Go with your heart. It all starts with a compelling lead character, an interesting storyworld, and a good story.”