Creative Writing for Entertainment Department Announces the Full Sail Comic Book Challenge

Aspiring comic book writers and artists will be excited to hear about the contest just launched by the Creative Writing for Entertainment department. In the Full Sail Comic Book Challenge, students can submit writing or drawing samples, and selected winners will work together to create Full Sail’s first ever Comic Anthology, which will be distributed later this year.

“We want the anthology to be a representative sampling of what our students can do in this medium,” says Roland Mann, a Course Director in the Creative Writing for Entertainment Master’s program. “We’ve got some talented writers here as well as people that really want to do comics.”

Roland told us that Creative Writing faculty members are looking for artists that can move the comic ‘camera’ in a way that communicates the story to the reader, and writers that have stories that move along quickly and will be visually stunning. “Comics are a little different from film in that the pictures don’t move,” says Roland, “but they still have to communicate some sort of visual story.”

Check out all of the submission guidelines and details below:


To be eligible, students (either campus or online) must be in good standing at the time of the contest deadline. Send an e-mail to with the subject line, “Full Sail Anthology Entry,” and the following information in the body:

  • Full Name
  • ID Number
  • Current Degree Program
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Anticipated Graduation Date

For writers: Include a proposal for one short story that is six pages in length. A submission file will include one document with the following information:

  • Logline
  • 1-3 sentence synopsis of the story
  • Expanded summary of not more than a half page, single spaced
  • Professional character bio

For artists: Attach five pages of one sequential art concept as a sample of their storytelling ability.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 21, 2012. Students can submit both an art and a story submission if they’d like. Winners will be selected in the middle of October, when work on the Anthology will begin.



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  1. Avatar Andrea Pignata says:

    That’s a nice event.
    It’s a good way to communicate to people.
    it’s quite complicated for me making comics, but I like them.
    Enjoy the challenge.

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