Composer and Music Industry Expert Gregory Butler Talks Business Development

Composer and Music Industry Expert Gregory Butler Talks Business Development

“If you want great partnerships, be a great partner.”

The one-liner above was just one of many of pieces of advice that composer and consultant Gregory Butler dished out last week during his two-hour crash course in business development and marketing. Students from several degree programs gathered in the Entertainment Business Auditorium to hear Gregory share strategies for successful partnerships, while relating his tips back to his own projects.

Gregory is a composer and music industry consultant who’s original compositions have been used on Punk’d, Project Runway, Top Chef, and more. He’s currently the Vice President of Business Development for WholeWorldBand, a new interactive music platform that gives musicians the ability to collaborate on recordings with others via a single app. During his presentation, Gregory stressed the importance of understanding your potential business partner’s needs and what you have to offer in a partnership. He shared some of WholeWorldBand’s promo material and used examples from the app’s development process to show students how they can start working on their own partnerships and elevator pitches.

Following his talk, Gregory chose three students to meet with one-on-one later in the afternoon, based on the elevator pitches they had submitted to him during the presentation.

“I thought the students’ pitches were really inventive,” says Gregory. “They were thoughtful pitches that synthesized some of the information we had spoken about in the boot camp earlier. The students I met with seem prepared to go out and make their way with their ideas.”



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  1. Avatar Samoya Farley says:

    I would love to see people how have a dream to sing what ever they love to do make it come that’s why am here am following my dream

  2. Avatar Alftor23 says:

    at present all the music business students, and entertainment business students can be better prepared. universities like full sail can be give them all the preparation they’ll need. but, actuality there is much imagination in the marketing, and it’s necessary that all graduates have a lot of good ideas for the partnerships. Gregory Butler knows, the students are clear with the idea for work in the actual marketing. if the students fallow this kind of advices, they could get the success. to this necessary that the students put all their ideas because in this job is more important the new things.

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