Check out the Student Film Projects from the Latest GradFest

'The One' was featured at the latest Full Sail Film GradFest.

Next to the summer blockbuster season, the holidays are a great time to head over to the theater and catch some of the year’s biggest films. But hey, things can get pretty busy around this time of year, and we recognize that it’s entirely possible that you maybe didn’t get to see all of the flicks that were on your “to-watch” list – including two Full Sail Film student Final Projects that screened at the most recent GradFest.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Both of the GradFest films are available for your viewing pleasure here:

The One (16mm)


Men of This Life (35mm)

In producing their Final Projects, students applied the knowledge that they gained throughout the Film Degree program every step of the way, from preproduction and casting to shooting, editing, and post-production. They’re not only a great way for students to really submerge themselves into the filmmaking process, but also work as great assets to their demo reels as they prepare to enter the industry after school.