Career Development’s Employer Perspective Survey

The relationship between Full Sail’s Career Development Department and many of the entertainment industry’s leading businesses has resulted in more than just helping our graduates find opportunities to start their careers after graduation; we’ve also been able to talk to employers and really find out what it is that they’re looking for when it’s time for them to hire new employees. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received from companies who have recently visited campus and been in contact with Career Development.

What are some of the most important traits that you look for when hiring for your company? 

“Disney is known for creativity and quality, and because of the nature of our business, it takes top talent to be a part of our team. That said, experience is not an absolute for us – we welcome disciplined young artists that have great skills and can accomplish projects in accelerated timelines. We also look for artists that can design and create in such a way that it looks like it’s our product. Not only in creativity and quality and imagination, but also in a style that’s consistent with our heritage and tradition.” ~ Mark Hughes – Senior Designer, Disney Creative Media Photography, Video, & Digital Graphics

Other companies such as Purple, Rock, Scissors and Firebrand Games also noted that passion and personality also play a big part in what they look for when talking to potential job candidates.

What can applicants do in order to stand out from the rest?

“Literally stand out with a creative resume that’s not too many pages and stands out from the others that all look the same. Do your homework on your potential employer and come prepared to ask questions. Be confident and show humility. Be well-spoken and know how to engage in thoughtful conversation. Being well-rounded also helps – doing things like community service, traveling to learn from other cultures, and knowing a second language will always make a person richer in life.” ~ Marina Escobar – Senior Director Creative Technology, ESPN

Bunim/Murray Productions also noted that having a clear sense of purpose and specific career goals can help a potential employee stand out from the rest of the pack. Don’t act as though the position you’re applying for is just a job – talk about where you see yourself going within the company and how you’d like to develop your professional skills.

What can a student do to best prepare for working in your industry and develop the skills necessary to get a foot in the door?

“Aside from having a strong academic background, I would highly recommend having as many internships as possible. Also, attend music industry networking events, and take advantage of every possibility to network with industry professionals.” ~ Ioannis Fagkridas – Internship HR Manager, Warner Music Group

Nearly every company we spoke to stressed the importance of getting the right kind of education for your field. Companies such as Golf Channel and GoConvergence also mentioned that getting experience outside of the classroom can also give students valuable skills that can be used to land a job.