Cam Newton Plays in a Madden NFL 15 Tournament on Campus

The release of a new Madden is an exciting time for gamers and sports fans, with each entry in the annual franchise bringing refinements to its classic gameplay, as well as signaling the start of football season. This year’s Madden NFL 15 launched in North America on August 26, and creators EA Tiburon celebrated the new title’s release with the Madden NFL15 Ultimate Team Championship, an exclusive gaming competition held on Full Sail campus with additional sponsors Xbox One and online game portal Curse.

The event brought eight players from across the country for a head-to-head showdown on Madden NFL 15, with the winner going on to battle a special guest in the final round – Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton. In addition to bragging rights, also on the line were two NFL season tickets, a custom Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Xbox One console, and 1 million Madden Ultimate Team coins, which are used for exclusive game content.

The Championship stretched over two days, and began with an open draft where Cam and his challengers picked players for their custom teams from this year’s NFL roster. Following the draft the first four games were played, with the final four match ups held the following day. An elaborate stage setup featured three commentators calling a play-by-play during each game, giving it the feel of a live broadcast.

The second day was reserved for the final game against Newton, a longtime Madden player himself, who got a warm welcome from a crowd made up exclusively of Full Sail students and staff. A number of alumni working at EA Tiburon were also on hand at the event, including Craig Anglin (Film, 1996; video director), Kerry Allen (Game Development, 2006; software engineer), and Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Joey Morelli (Digital Media, 1998; senior editor/compositor).

The Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Championship was a tough competition, and the results were broadcast on Twitch.

The event was also a chance for Full Sail’s Madden fans to check out the latest iteration of the football giant prior to release. Among the most prominent additions are a new arsenal of defensive moves, Player Sense 2.0, a new pass rush mechanic, and some notable visual polish in its second year on next-gen consoles.