CAD Software Expert Frank Brault Shows Students How to Use Design Program Vectorworks

An ideal room – whether it’s a theatre, live venue, or dance hall – relies on more than just a great sound system or a cool lighting rig to make an event an enthralling experience. It all begins with how the room was designed.

CAD software program Vectorworks is a tool that’s used on a variety of drafting, technical drawing, and 3D modeling projects. Frank Brault, a Vectorworks expert and Director of Training at Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. recently visited campus to speak to students about the capabilities of his company’s newest product, Vectorworks Spotlight 2011.

During a morning session held at Full Sail Live 1, Brault guided students through a design project from scratch, beginning with the 3D modeling process of Spotlight 2011. Students then followed along – both on their own laptops as well by watching on the displays in the venue – as Brault then showed the process that designers go through in completing construction documents, light plots, and of course, the paperwork necessary to complete a project.

It’s a subject that Brault knows quite well; he’s designed more than 100 theatre, opera, music, and dance productions, and managed projects such as the lighting redesign for the renovation of Madison Square Garden in New York City. Brault was also nominated for the prestigious Lumen Award for excellence in lighting design in 1989.