Beck ‘Song Reader’ Project: Day Four [Video]

All week, 11 local Orlando bands will be visiting our flagship recording studio the Audio Temple to record interpretations of songs from Beck’s new album Song Reader, which was released only as sheet music. Advanced Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider is producing and engineering these songs with the help of Recording Arts students, while instructors and students from the Film program are documenting the performances.

The final three performances from the Song Reader Project are below.

Rubox Cube. You probably haven’t heard too many Beck songs beat-boxed before, but vocal percussionist Rubox Cube did just that (with the help of a loop pedal) during his take on “Sorry.”

Andy Matchett & the Minks. This rock band known around town for their energetic live shows put their spin on “Heaven’s Ladder.”

The Mud Flappers. Orlando Weekly readers have voted the Mud Flappers the best folk act in town for the past two years. Here the group adds some banjo, accordion, and more to Beck’s song, “I’m Down.”