Battle Vampires and the Undead in Two Student Games from April’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

April's Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

Last week’s Game Project Final Presentations featured two student-created games on display, both of which you can play for free over on the Game Project Web Portal.

In Wrath of Set (created by Team Vanguard), players act as treasure hunters trying to take down an army of undead inside of an Egyptian pyramid. It’s a fast-paced, two-player, beat ’em up game with swords, booby traps, and more.

Midnight’s Bane (created by Team Specter) is a spooky, third-person action game with timing and position-based combat. As a vampire hunter, players must block and respond to attacks from undead minions in a castle courtyard before taking down the vampire lord who lives in the main tower.

Both games were created by Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students from April’s graduating classes. As part of their final game project, they had to present a demonstration of it in the Full Sail Live Venue last week. To see more screenshots, watch those demos, or download each of the games, head to Full Sail University’s Game Project Web Portal.



5 thoughts on “Battle Vampires and the Undead in Two Student Games from April’s Game Project Final Presentations [Play]

  1. Avatar Solar Lights says:

    Hi Amy,

    thank you for the post. 2 great student game projects and kudos to all involved for jobs well done! 🙂

    1. Avatar eduardo gomez says:

      Very good job, now I’m more exited than ever

  2. Avatar eduardo gomez says:

    I’m Eduardo and I am going into game development which is my dream, I cant wait to play this game in the presentation.
    The engine seems very impressive as the details on the sword.

    I can’t believe that these games were made by the Art School instead of the Game Dev

    1. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

      Hi Eduardo,
      These games were indeed made by Game Development students as well! Game Development, Game Art, and Game Design Master’s students worked together on the projects.

      1. Avatar Poom says:

        I went to game presentation. It is very cool. The first game if they can change the story, I think it better.

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