August Game Final Project Presentations

Students, faculty, and family members convened in the Full Sail Live 1 venue for this month’s Game Project Final Presentations. This month featured three projects from Digital Alchemy Studios.

First up was Precision Gam3s’ Ludus Magnus, a hack and slash game with an over-the-top, cartoonish feel. The Precision students even introduced their game with a live re-enactment of the game’s action sequences, complete with actual onstage sword play (though it’s safe to assume that the swords weren’t real…hopefully).

DigiRex was up next with their game, Nest Quest. The game is a flying adventure that lets players help Aero the pigeon navigate throughout a city landscape, as he searches for materials to help build his nest while dodging the attacks of dangerous hawks.

Random Encounter then presented their game Custodial Carnage, a game with a concept so awesomely absurd that it probably would have made for a great 80s sci-fi horror flick. In the game, users help a custodial engineer (more commonly known as a janitor) fend for himself in a high school overturned by zombies. Fun stuff.

Finally, Bottled Armada closed out the afternoon’s events with Olik’s Redemption. This game was a Viking adventure hack and slash, requiring young Olik to defend his village from attacking intruders. Parts of the game were also rendered in 3D, which audiences were able to enjoy via the 3D glasses that were handed out at the beginning of the presentation.

The Game Project Final Presentations require Game Development students to come together as a team and pitch an idea for a complete game. Once an idea gets approved, they team with Game Art and Recording Arts students to develop the project to its completion and present it before an auditorium of faculty, guests, and students.