August 3D Arts Demo Reel Presentations

The Computer Animation & Game Art Demo Reel Presentations this month showcased the hard work and diversity of 15 students the day before they graduated from Full Sail.

The Entertainment Business Auditorium was at full capacity as the top of the graduating Computer Animation and Game Art Degree programs displayed their creative work, and each demo was met with a great response from an audience comprised of family, students, and faculty members. Below you’ll find just some of the students who were featured at this month’s event:

John Den Adel (Game Art Environments)

Michael Murphy (Visual FX)

Schuyler Salewski (Animator)

Luis Chamochumbi (Compositing)

Robert Merrow (Compositing)

Dillon Hetrick (Character Modeler)

Donasia Brown (Animator)

Zechariah Hutton (Character Modeler)