Art of Full Sail: April’s Most Popular Student Work [Photos]

Our Tumblr site – Art of Full Sail – showcases recent work created by students, faculty, and staff. Updated daily, the site features some incredible looking branding campaigns, concert posters, computer animation projects, and more. The pieces below were the most popular posts on the site in April, based on notes and page views. Check them out, then be sure to follow us on Tumblr for more inspiration. (Note: Each photo below links to the original post.)


art of full sail april-dutch

This tribute poster for the musical short horror film The Devil’s Carnival was designed by Hieu Dutch (Digital Arts and Design, 2013 graduate) for a class project. Look closely at the background to notice a skull created through the use of texture. (Fun fact: This film was directed by 2011 Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Darren Lynn Bousman.)

art of full sail april-saunders

John Saunders (Game Art, 2012 graduate) created this sci-fi inspired game environment.

art of full sail april-lones

Alec Lones (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate) was responsible for the modeling, shading, and lighting of this interior scene.

art of full sail april-martinez

This poster was created for a class project by Derek Martinez (Digital Arts and Design, 2012 graduate).

art of full sail april-kalczewski

Christian Kalczewski (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate) created this 3D model of a hotel room.