Alumni on the Summer Sequel ’22 Jump Street’

The fact that there’s a 22 Jump Street releasing in theaters today is a testament to the creative team behind the success of 21 Jump Street – the 2012 film adaptation of the popular 80s teen cop series. While the show had been off the air for over two decades, the first Jump Street‘s sharp script brought the source material to modern audiences with reverence, humor, and action.

This summer’s 22 Jump Street expands upon that foundation with stars (and producers) Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum sending up the notion of movie sequels themselves. 11 graduates of Full Sail’s Film program were part of the crew who produced this second entry – helping to cast background actors, handle the lighting setups, capture audio, and more. These alumni include:

  • Jason Augustin (2009 Film graduate; additional electrician)
  • Tim Bird (2011 Film graduate; additional rigging electric)
  • Ray Brown (2012 Film graduate; office production assistant)
  • Justin Coulter (2010 Film graduate; extras casting coordinator)
  • Michael Grace (2010 Film graduate; lighting technician)
  • John Hoffler (2009 Film graduate; digital loader)
  • Daniel Kuzila (2010 Film graduate; additional sound utility)
  • Taylor Newman (2010 Film graduate; set production assistant)
  • James Otero (2011 Film graduate; walkie production assistant)
  • Joseph Paolucci (2003 Film graduate; rigging electrician)
  • Lee Pierce (2008 Film graduate; extras casting)

Ray Brown and Lee Pierce were involved in the production management and casting of the project, which was filmed on location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ray worked as office production assistant, while Lee handled the hiring and support of the film’s extras. Looking back at the shoot fondly, they explained that the atmosphere on set was as much fun as what audiences see on screen.

“It was unlike any other project I’ve seen come together because of the cast involved,” Ray says. “There were personal experiences that were favorites of mine. One was going to Channing Tatum’s Halloween party at his bar on Bourbon Street. Getting to stand on the balcony and toss out beads with him and Jonah Hill was pretty surreal. Definitely a memorable experience, sometimes I can’t believe it was real.”

Adds Lee, “The fans of 21 Jump Street will definitely be pleased with the sequel. It’s even funnier than the first and it’s layered, so there are a lot of subtle jokes that you won’t get unless you watch it multiple times. You will not be disappointed.”