86th Annual Academy Awards: 30 Grads Worked on Oscar-Winning Projects

Students spent another lively Sunday night in Full Sail Live for the latest in our series of on-campus awards celebrations, this time for the 86th Annual Academy Awards. The dressed-to-impress crowd walked the red carpet, played games during commercial breaks, and tweeted their real-time show reactions to the Twitter Wall.

In total, 129 Full Sail grads worked on nominated projects and after Sunday’s ceremony, we were excited to see that 30 of those grads were on the winning films, including the night’s big winner for Best Picture, 12 Years a Slave, and the film that took home the most trophies in total, Gravity. Congratulations to all of them!

Here’s the full list of Full Sail alumni credited on Academy Award winners:

12 Years a Slave
Best Picture
Best Supporting Actress
Best Adapted Screenplay

Patrick Christensen (Recording Arts, 1998), ADR Engineer
Beauxregard Neylon (Recording Arts, 2004), ADR Mixer
Judah Getz (Recording Arts, 2006), ADR Mixer
Taylor Newman (Film, 2010), Set Location Assistant
Paul Tirone (Recording Arts, 2005), ADR Recordist
Anthony S. Castro (Computer Animation, 2009), Digital Compositor
Andrey Drogobetski (Computer Animation, 2010), Lead Compositor
Victor Manuel Fernandez (Computer Animation, 2010), Compositor
Andrew Stillinger (Computer Animation, 2010), Digital Compositor
Melanie Gates (Film, 2004), Film Loader
Charles “Chuck” Choi (Recording Arts, 1993), Score Technical Engineer
Daniel Kresco (Recording Arts, 1996), Score Mixer

Students compete for “Best Dressed.”

Blue Jasmine
Best Actress

Chad Plunkett (Film, 2008), Grip
Evan Jones (Film, 2005), Additional Electrician
Charlie Eubanks (Film, 2003), Set Production Assistant

Dallas Buyers Club
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Makeup & Hairstyling

Shamsher Bains (Film, 2013), Art Department Intern
Jose Figueroa-Baez (Film, 2009), Second Assistant Camera
Justin Coulter (Film, 2010), Extras Casting

Best Animated Feature
Best Original Song

Andrew Atteberry (Computer Animation, 2005), Animator
Chelsea Lavertu (Computer Animation, 2010), Look Development Artist
Adam Pleiman (Recording Arts, 2001), ADR Recordist
Eric Provan (Computer Animation, 2005), Modeler
Nicklas Puentz (Computer Animation, 2008), Character Technical Director
Lance Summers (Computer Animation, 2008), Visual Effects

Best Director
Best Original Score
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects

Laurie Brugger (Computer Animation, 2000), Senior Rigger
Chris Lawrence (Computer Animation, 2003), CG Supervisor
Nick Thompson (Digital Arts and Design, 2002), Stereoscopic VFX Coordinator

Best Original Screenplay

Joel Behrens (Digital Media, 1997), Compositing Supervisor
Brannon D. Brown (Film, 2001), Camera Technician
Jesse Crusing (Film, 2004), Additional Electrician